Information for Strong-Motion Station
Sylmar - 6-story County Hospital
CGS - CSMIP Station 24514
Earthquakes recorded by this station
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Latitude 34.3259 N
Longitude 118.4459 W
Elevation (m) 443
Site Geology Deep alluvium over rock (granite)
Vs30 (m/sec) 430 (measured)
Site Class C
Remarks/Notes Site information sources
No. of Stories above/below ground6/0
Plan ShapeRectangular (first two stories), Cross-shape (upper four stories)
Base Dimensions452' x 302'
Typical Floor Dimensions302' x 302'
Design Date1976
Instrumentation1986. 13 accelerometers, on 4 levels in the building. 3 accelerometers at a reference free-field site. The free-field station was part of the building station (Sta. No. 24514) during the 1994 Northridge earthquake and later became a separate station (Sylmar - County Hospital Grounds, Sta. No. 24763).
Vertical Load Carrying SystemConcrete slab over metal deck supported on steel frames.
Lateral Force Resisting SystemConcrete shear walls (lower two stories) and perimeter steel plate shear walls (upper 4 stories).
Foundation TypeSpread footings
RemarksThe old Olive View Hospital (reinforced concrete structure) damaged in the 1971 San Fernando earthquake was located at the same site.