Information for Strong-Motion Station
Redwood City - 16-story Office Bldg
CGS - CSMIP Station 58615
Earthquakes recorded by this station
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Latitude 37.5306 N
Longitude 122.2640 W
Elevation (m) 1
Site Geology Deep alluvium
Vs30 (m/sec) 162 (inferred)
Site Class E
Remarks/Notes Site information sources
No. of Stories above/below ground16/0
Plan ShapeRectangular
Base Dimensions225' x 100'
Typical Floor DimensionsRectangular with rounded corner 225' x 100'
Design Date1989
Instrumentation1991. 12 accelerometers, on 4 levels in the building. 3 accelerometers at a reference free-field site.
Vertical Load Carrying SystemConcrete slab floors, 2.5" and 4.5" thick, with welded metal studs, over metal deck and supported by distributed steel frames.
Lateral Force Resisting SystemPerimeter moment resisting steel frames in both directions, but only at selected bays. Four interior eccentric braced frames in the transverse direction.
Foundation TypeConcrete spread footings supported by prestressed concrete driven piles and interconnected by grade beams, 30" to 48" thick.
RemarksSeismic design criteria was based on the 1985 UBC and the Redwood City Younger Bay Ordinace.