Information for Strong-Motion Station
Oakland - Hwy 580/13 Interchange Bridge
CGS - CSMIP Station 58656
Earthquakes recorded by this station
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Latitude 37.7837 N
Longitude 122.1769 W
Elevation (m) 63
Site Geology  
Vs30 (m/sec)  
Site Class  
No. of Spans3
Plan ShapeStraight with skew.
Total Length283' (86.3m). Bridge spans are 55' (16.8m), 123' (37.5m), and 105' (32.0m).
Width of Deck32' (9.8m)
Construction Date1965
Instrumentation1993. 6 accelerometers on the bridge.
Superstructure Type4-cell continuous concrete box girder.
Substructure TypeThe bridge is supported on 1 concrete wall pier and 1 2-column concrete bent.
Foundation TypeConcrete piles support the bents. 1 abutment is supported by steel piles while the other is supported by spread footings.
RemarksThis bridge was instrumented under the interagency agreement between Caltrans and DOC.