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DGG: Llayllay, Chile

Agency Number: LLA Structure: 1-story bldg
Latitude: -32.8300
Longitude: -70.9800
Site Geology: Soft alluvium
Owner: Department of Geophysics and Geodesy, Santiago Chile

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Valparaiso, Chile 1985-03-03 22:47:07 UTC Epicentral dist: Unknown
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Component: Up PGA (cm/s/s): 222.80 PGV (cm/s): - Add this to bin
Component: 190 PGA (cm/s/s): 345.50 PGV (cm/s): - Add this to bin
Component: 280 PGA (cm/s/s): 465.30 PGV (cm/s): - Add this to bin

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